Let’s first define what data entry is, as many people have a wrong concept about data entry in their mind. Some people think it is simply typing in data into the computer, that is correct but there is more to just entering data or typing in the data. Data entry is entering various types of data into the computer; the data can consist of some form of information already given or by researching information and then entering it. Sometimes the research information is already available for the individual to put in and at times, the individual needs to first research themselves and then enter the data that is collected through that research.

Now days the Internet and the technology improving day by day, has given the trend to home based jobs. The home based jobs are of various types, which require different types of requirement such as online article writing, data entry and many more. People can earn money now by sitting at home and working .The data entry at home is not an easy task, like the other jobs, the data entry job has its terms and policies. Which the individual who is opted work from Home Data Entry has to follow, people have the perception that the data entry from home can work according to the individuals’ time regulations, that there is no deadline to meet the task. Well - all these perceptions are wrong as the data entry at home has its terms, policies and regulations to be followed, and like the other jobs there is also the contract (job contract) to be filled both by the employee and by employer.
For Individuals who are Interested in Home based Data Entry Job
Although the data entry jobs has it benefits and flaws like every other job, the advantage and disadvantages of data entry jobs from will differ from individual to individual. However, one main point about the data entry jobs is that the work hours or time for work at home data entry is given on time basis to the individual. The job specification and the job description for data entry job requires time, typing skills. The individual should also have goods skills and knowledge in tackling with different types of software’s. Therefore people with the perception that work from Home Data Entry, is easy home based job; it is neither that easy nor that difficult.  Individual’s interested in data entry jobs and who are willing to work from Home data entry should keep in mind that at time they might need to sit continuously for long hours and work.

The individual may also need to invest in making an office before they commence the data entry at home, and the reason behind having an office is that as mentioned above that the data entry job requires time and attention. In other words, the data entry job requires undivided attention, without the distraction from the other activities taking place in home. Especially when entering any form statistical data or data that requires calculation than that definitely needs the individual entering the data and their full attention. Therefore, data entry from home is the most suitable job for some and for the rest it might not be depending on their circumstances.
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